What to look for in a mortgage lender & Realtor® when buying a home in the Greater Seattle area

Buying a home in the Seattle real estate market seems daunting nowadays. With more demand than ever, who you choose to work with will either make the process a breeze or a total nightmare.

A couple bullet points from the video:

  • A great lender is not just a lender that will give you a good interest rate. You want to work with a lender that can complete the home transaction fast, sell themselves to a potential sellers agent on your behalf, work outside of normal 9-5 hours, and is transparent & responsive. Also look for a company that is more local or smaller. These types of mortgage companies tend to use localized appraisers and can close quicker than big banks, giving you a bigger advantage when competing against offers with big bank financing. These traits are just a couple things that will help you win over a seller in multiple offer situations - even if your offer isn't the highest price wise in the pool.
  • A great Realtor is not just a real estate agent that finds you the perfect home that fits all your needs. In fact, you have the same access to listings as an agent does (for the most part). You want to work with a Realtor that knows how to execute a clean error-free contract, can effortlessly build rapport with a potential sellers agent, can expertly determine the range of which a potential home will sell for based on comps & data, ensures that the selling side is well prepared for appraisal, sets proper expectations, and the list goes on. These traits are just a couple things to look for in an agent when starting your home search. Beware of hiring close friends or family to help you buy. If the deal goes south the relationship could be hindered. 

Shoot us a message if you ever need any help. We'd love to help navigate the home buying or selling process with you!