Winning Buyer Strategy Session*

Schedule a Winning Buyer Strategy Session with us and we will develop the perfect strategy for us to beat the competition. Whether you have already lost a couple times on some homes or just starting out, we are determined to help you reach your goals and give you a no-nonsense approach. You will quickly get the impression that you are not hearing what you want to hear. We want you to win in our real estate market just as bad as we want to beat other agents. 

*We cannot legally help you if you have signed a buyer's agency agreement with another agent

Step 1: Get Pre-Underwritten On Your Loan

We are all about preparation. It is the single most important attribute to have when making offers in our market. So the first thing we will ask you is if you have been pre-underwritten, not pre-approved. Our guide explains the differences between being pre-approved and pre-underwritten. It's crucial to beating all-cash offers in the Seattle area. Not all lenders can pre-underwrite. If you have not been pre-underwritten on your mortgage yet, please contact our preferred lender below. 


Taylor Winkler
New American Funding
Phone: 425-931-4678
Mobile: 425-931-4678
Fax: 425-440-0168

Step 2: Meet With Kevin

I'll meet you anywhere on a day that works best for both of us - your work, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or my office. We will develop a strategy to beat multiple offers in the price category you are looking in. A couple things we will cover in our first meeting together:

  • Your real price range and what that means.

  • The best offer execution strategy based on your type of loan and your loan amount.

  • Our winning offer delivery strategy.

  • Creating a emotionally gripping offer letter.

  • Unlearning incorrect real estate knowledge that could prevent you from winning.

  • Get to know each other. We will be doing some battle together, so we will need to trust each other!

  • And much more.

I can't wait to help you achieve your real estate goals. I care a great deal about the people in our community and the people moving here. I demand myself to give you a no-nonsense, boutique quality service. I can assure you that you will be beaming with joy once we cross the finish line! Let's beat multiple offers together.


Kevin Boroumand

Real Estate Broker
Cell: (206) 734-1053